The Sea Level Café is a first class, state-of-the-art dining facility located at 6 East 43rd Street between 5th and Madison, in the Emigrant Bank building. The Café serves the employees (and their guests) of all companies located at 6 East 43rd Street and 335 Madison Avenue.

Most recently, the Sea Level Café was named winner of the 2007 Greater New York Construction Council Award for Best Interior Design, providing a top of the line restaurant kitchen, immaculate and efficient food service stations, and a large, comfortable dining area with a breathtaking undersea atmosphere. The tropical fish inhabiting multiple 700 gallon salt water reef tanks are among the most spectacular displays in New York City.

In keeping with our commitment to extraordinary service, the Sea Level Café features a simple to use cashless environment with funding options determined and controlled by each individual employee. To ensure speed of service and record-keeping at checkout, the Café does not accept cash, credit cards or checks as methods of payment. All purchases are made via encoded upgrades to existing employee building identification cards.

Employee ID cards are activated by our funding partner, FreedomPay, and all new employee enrollments receive an initial $10.00 credit for use at the Sea Level Café. Please click on the FreedomPay button at our menu to the left for additional details.